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Thom and Haleya


"The weekend with the Akashic Records has been infusing my life with new energy and the sense of possibility about moving forward." S.L.

"Thank you, it was a beautiful experience for me and a huge step forward in my own spiritual growth for which I felt very ready to do!  Thank you to you both for your teaching, guidance and support."  R.B.

"I went to my doctor right after our session and he noted that my blood pressure was 113 over 70.  My autoimmune disease makes it highly variable, but my blood pressure has never, in my memory, been under 120/90.  What fun to have direct evidence of something I knew already; your Reiki makes me feel wonderful."  M.C.

"I just am appreciating so much about you and Thom right now.  I know I've said it before, but I don't truly know if I can ever really convey just how Big it feels to have found a place where I can grow and seek with others who are also wanting to walk a path with Spirit.  Thank you both for holding space for those of us seekers.  You are doing something very, very important."  S.T.

"Just wanted you to know I was feeling such gratitude for the SIH program you both created. The healing modalities and crystals and all of the topics we cover are really amazing.  Know you are both greatly appreciated for all you do."  M.F.

"I am very grateful that I was lead to your website for the original class I took at your Sanctuary...since then I've watched my life heal and unfold in the most beautiful way." B.C.

"Dear Haleya and Thom, Thank you both for the loving and safe container you create and the abundant wealth of information, healing, and care you provide and nurture us with on so many levels. Much gratitude for your Lightness.  I love the Teamwork of You and the Team you create with Us." L.S.  

 Free Events 

Free Introduction to Reiki & Mini Clinic
Come learn about this healing tool that you can use on yourself, family, friends, pets as well as patients and clients. Participants may also elect to receive a mini chair Reiki treatment by our Pioneer Valley Reiki students and practitioners.
If you are curious about Reiki or are unsure if you want to take a training, come and experience it in a safe and gentle setting.
This free introduction is held on the fourth Sunday evening of most months from 7:30 - 8:45 PM in Amherst, MA.
Check our homepage for the next Free Intro.

Participants must RSVP: email Haleya Priest or call 413-549-0541

Reiki Share
Do you love to give and receive Reiki? Once a month all Reiki practitioners who have  trained with us are invited to give and receive the gift of Reiki to each other, keeping themselves and their skills attuned to this healing energy. We usually work in groups of three or four. This way we each get worked on by a team of healers, which enhances and deepens the experience. Sessions are usually twenty minutes long. Experienced practitioners work along side beginners, giving guidance as needed. The energy is very sweet and loving. The share is generally held on the second Sunday of each month from 7:00 - 8:30 PM. Check the calendar for dates of future Reiki Shares.

Participants must RSVP with Thom Levy or call 413-687-1430 to RSVP


John of God Meditation Come help create and receive current room healing energy just as we do when John of God comes to Omega Institute every year. Thom Levy, who has led the first current room for John of God during his visits to Omega Institute, will guide this hour and half healing meditation with prayers from the Casa Dom Ignatio in Brazil. We will also use music from the Casa current room, and be supported by energy running from crystal healing lights from the Casa. Check the calendar for these meditations.

Seating is limited so participants must RSVP with Thom Levy or call 413-687-1430.


Animal Clinic
Come practice giving Reiki to horses, dogs, and a goat named Lily in this free annual event for Reiki practitioners who have trained with us, as we work at a local stable on a beautiful Summer, Saturday morning. Between the people and animals, it sometimes gets hard to tell who is healing whom. We usually end by sharing lunch together.

More Free Community Activities !

Online Peer Healing Support
All students of all Sanctuary Healing Arts programs are invited to the online email list where anyone can ask for and receive long distance Reiki and healing prayers from other students. It is completely free and optional to participate.

Peer Practice Email Lists
Students in each program may join an email contact list in order to find other students with whom to practice their new healing skills.

Public Reiki Demonstrations
We set up public demonstrations of Reiki at Colleges, Clinics, Hospices, or Health Fairs and our Reiki students are invited to participate for practice, community and for the opportunity to find clients of their own.

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