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Embracing wellness. There is no "one fits all" way to embrace wellness. It's more like how do each of us embrace our very own and unique wellness. Haleya has found this to be true for herself as well as for others. Also it is a goal and not a should or have to. Embracing wellness changes, evolves, and rediscovers itself over and over again. How do we get there? Where do we start? Awareness, Acceptance, and Action are a perfect tool to discover how you can  embrace your own wellness. Always, always,

start small and follow your heart & gut.

Embracing Your Wellness
Awareness, Acceptance, & Action 




Awareness:  How does your body feel right now? Relaxed? Tense? Tight? Pain? Numb? Coming home to our body is so important to feel safe. To feel vital and alive and like we have a solid grounded container or vessel around us. Taking care of our bodies is paramount to health & well-being.

Awareness:  Check in with your mind right now. Are thoughts swirling around like a whirlwind of leaves? Or is your mind settled and fairly calm. A calm mind is pivotal to being able to navigate the complex world each of us live in. Having a quiet mind leads to the quieting of physical and mental health issues.

Awareness:  Check in with your heart and soul. Do you feel content. Do you feel inspired. Do you feel connected to yourself, your family, friends, 

coworkers, groups and to the world around you? Feeling connected is the #1 marker for health and wellness on all levels of being. 

Acceptance: Pema Chodrin says we can't let go of our patterns and habits until we've accepted them.  Can we accept wherever we are right now without judgment? And if not, that's ok, too! We just need the willingness to try. Once we can even entertain acceptance we can then and only then take the next step: Action. Otherwise we're in our heads thinking if only this will go away, or I should be doing this, or I am a bad person for having that.... The list goes on and on. None of these fall in the category of acceptance. What falls in the category of acceptance is truly realizing we have the issue or health condition we have. Period. We are not bad or wrong. We can take true action once we have enough compassion to help ourselves. 

Action: Given all the above, what do you need right now? How can you embrace your wellness right now? Maybe drinking water, taking a walk, or resting. Maybe meditating. Maybe calling a friend, or making that appointment with your health care professional. Maybe giving yourself Reiki or loving kindness. What would be important for you right now? How can you embrace your wellness right now? You don't have to be perfect, nor does the action step need to be perfect. The journey begins with one step forward in the right direction! Keep it simple and you'll see changes happen in your life. 

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