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A Beautiful May Day Poem

Happy May Day / Beltaine! This is such a precious time of the year. All the flowers, trees, bugs, bees, birds and frogs are filled with life. So many bird migrants are coming back- our Northern Oriole is back....... the yard is blooming with daffodils, grape hyacinths and many of my trees are blooming or about to bloom. My new native plants are beginning to break ground and will feed and house so many bugs and bees.... I could go on and on.

What this points to is the deep joy of spring. Although we recently lost Thom's brother, and I have a knee injury- there is still time for joy in the simple things and in nature. This poem is so poignant. I hope you enjoy it and it speaks to your heart as much as it speaks to mine.

Joy Comes Back

When you finally realize

that joy is less fireworks, more firefly

less orchestra, more birdsong

she will come back much more often

for joy will not fight with the fast pace of this life

she is not in the shiny or the new

she breathes in the basic, simmers in the simple

and dances in the daily to-and-fro

joy has been beckoning you

for many a year my friend

you were just too busy doing, to see

the very next time joy wraps her quiet warmth around you

as the garden embraces your weary body in its wildness

tip her a nod……she doesn’t stay long

but if you are a gracious host

joy comes back.

~ Donna Ashworth

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1 Comment

Denise Barry
Denise Barry
May 03

What a beautiful poem!! It speaks to the soul. And is such a good reminder of how to simply abide in the wonder of Joy! Thank you for sharing.

Sending many Blessings to you and Thom,

xoxo Denise Barry

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