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I just watched the first Wednesday self healing video and so needed it. I feel like a different person. What a gift you have.  If you ever want to calm yourself down and imbue yourself with your best light shining, it's there for you too!! I can't wait to watch/experience it again. A million clapping hands. ~B.M.

Thank you SO much.

This morning's class was exactly

what I needed.

I am profoundly grateful

for this soul nourishment! ~S.T.

Thank you so so much for today -- for seeing me where I am, for helping, for moving the insights forward! No one else I’ve ever worked with has helped me as profoundly and insightfully. ~J.H.

The class was fantastic and I slept much better last night… as did Beau, my precious furry 17 year old companion :-) I could really feel energy shifts throughout the session. What I enjoyed most is that I started out feeling very tingling but mostly from waist up. By end of the class I felt really grounded and calm which is what I REALLY need now. ~ P.B.

Gotta tell you.  I hated this class.  All the way through. Crabbed to myself with every shift, grumbled back at you every time you wanted us to relax. Felt sooo much better in the end!!  It all works in mysterious ways!  A little liver work, maybe?

The point?  It works.  Thank you very much even against my will!  ~B.Mc.

At the moment I am speechless haha! I absolutely loved the session and can't thank you enough for this experience! Many thanks and blessings Haleya and what a pleasure to meet you - gifted soul that you are. ~S.R.