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Happy Spring Equinox!

It's cold and blustery, but the daffodils and skunk cabbages are rising. Crocuses are blooming. The peepers and wood frogs have been at it on warm days and nights. I heard a Phoebe yesterday and all in all mating season has commenced!

Amazing how we cannot stop the shifting of the seasons. We can throw everything out of balance, but the earth still turns. Spring rises, summer shines brightly, fall sheds her leaves and winter brings us to a deep place within.

On March 19, 2024 @ 11:06 PM EDT, here on this side of the world, we enter a new season. The season of hope, of growth, of surprise. It's spring!

Yet.... according to chinese medicine/5 element theory..... we are still in flux- between winter and spring. So we might be feeling the want to get out there and do something, but find ourselves back on the couch to either read a book or glue ourselves to our devices.

We also might feel a bit frustrated by this. We know we have things to do, but can't quiteeeee

motivate ourselves. Or maybe feel we really DON'T want to do anything.

As we move into springtime, we are moving into the element of Wood, dominated by the organs, liver and gallbladder. In the spring everything grows like crazy as if there is no tomorrow. That's what plants and trees do - trees MUST grow. It's imperative.

We are a part of the Earth, we are made of the Earth. Likewise, we feel and respond to all the seasons just like nature does. So when springtime comes, we ALSO need to move and grow, to send forth our trunks and limbs to prepare to dance with the breezes of life.

BUT! There is a big but. If our energies are clogged or blocked from the winter (which they always are), then the energy can get stuck in our body, mind, and soul. And PHEW! If you are wood dominant, watch out because you might be extra irritable and downright bitchy at this time of year.

We often think of springtime is the time to clean the closets. Spring cleaning time! We need to do that for our bodies also. The word used is detoxing and spring time is the time to clear the closets and pipes!


1)You have a handy herb growing right out your window called Dandelion. Yup, that's that pretty yellow flower everyone thinks is a "just" a weed. She's actually a powerhouse. Her roots are what you want to be drinking. The roots will help to detox your liver-- so you can grow tall and free! You can go to any neighborhood food co-op to find dandelion root in the bulk herb section OR buy it in tea bags. Nope, it doesn't taste great. Remember the saying, what doesn't kill you makes you grow stronger!

2)You can drink some lemon in water with a little olive oil each morning during spring.

This will kick your gall bladder into action which will help your detoxing adventures. Mix 1T organic extra virgin olive oil with a squirt of fresh organic lemon. If that's too much for your system, you can try a little less olive oil. Or just use lemon and water. Drink this daily about 30 min before breakfast. You can throw in a little honey or even some cayenne pepper.

3)Another great detoxer is acu-point Liver 3. With many acu-points you want to be smooth and gentle, but Liver 3 would prefer a little more knuckle. If you can't reach LV3 with your hands, you can use the heel of your foot and rub the point. My acupressure teacher mentioned using the end of a cane. If so, do be somewhat gentle. Basically, you want to rub

or tap the point, or if you prefer, hold it gently for a good 1-3 minutes daily if you can.

PS: Liver 3 will also help dispel headaches, irritability, anger, and also help you feel more grounded. After all, for trees to grow tall they need lots of space and good solid roots!

Happy Spring,


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